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Blogging as simple as creating a GitHub gist. You do content. Let RSS clients do the layout. We'll take care of syndication, aggregation and sharing. Create a GitHub gist and start blogging already. It's content that matters.

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Where we're going

Everything a gist

GitHub generously gives us simple, familiar and flexible authoring tools that are good enough. We aggregate gists into an old-school RSS and you have yourself a feed.

RSS Feed

Say no to custom ad-infested feeds. Your readers will be grateful.

GitHub Flavored Markdown

Format that you know and love. Though Orgmode will work just as well.

Version Control

Did someone say Edit button?


Have a conversation with your readers. No need to reinvent it - GitHub gists have comments section.

Followee Feeds

coming soon

Quickly subscribe to RSS of your GitHub & Twitter followees via OPML list we generate.


Advanced search and filtering? Have at it. So powerful. Much flexibility. Very GitHub. Wow!


Elegant medium for a more civilized discourse

Git van Gist


More bullish than ever on RSS after reading this post on ActivityPub

Someone on Twitter


Simple & Cheap

Blogging has never been simpler. Straightforward service, minimally priced. No ads. No tracking. No feed shenanigans. No content taken hostage. No feature galore.

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    Fancy preview when sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc

One last thing

Your Online Self

GitHub has to be the largest cryptographic key directory on the planet. One magical gist, tiny bit of cryptography and we tie our online presence into a single decentralized, cryptographically verifiable online self. No blockchain Web3 bs.

coming soon ...


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Going β when?

Juggling 3 kids here and going as fast as we can. Expect things to break but not spectacularly. Help by subscribing and reporting issues.


Frequently Asked

Not seeing yours? Have a look in GitHub issues and raise a new one if necessary.

Try before buy?
Sure, play for a week without paying. Hoot a couple of gists, share them on Twitter, subscribe to your own RSS feed - see if it's working for you. Report any issues.
What happens after a trial week?
Subdomain that's never been paid for gets "garbage collected", then anyone can claim it for themselves. Subscribe for at least a month to keep the subdomain forever and all its links forever. Even if you cancel your subscription.
What happens if I cancel?
Nothing scary. Your subscription runs until the end of the current billing period. Then GitHub gists will no longer be fetched or feed updated, but the subdomain remains yours forever - old links will continue to work. Re-subscribe any time.
What RSS client?
Been a minute since you last used RSS? Google Reader going away truly marked the end of an era. Kind people at put together a handy table of RSS readers. Here's a few contenders in no particular order: Tiny Tiny RSS, Feedbro that's featured in our video, Reeder, Feedbin, NetNewsWire, Feedly, Inoreader, Newsblur, Feeder
What is RSS?
Turns out RSS is no longer common knowledge. Damn shame if you ask me. It used to be ubiquitous but no longer. Entire generations have grown since RSS heyday without ever learning the simple marvel that is RSS. offers this brief explanation, which I like to share. Then there is Wikipedia.